Progress Regular 45/ 55/ 65

PROGRESS Regular: the result of an advanced design, with a new ecologic and high optical quality varnishing, it is available with two or three tanks, each with one or two filters belonging to the new exclusive generation RENZACCI NO-FLEX® System. Moreover, all models can be equipped with the latest generation of decolorating filters Carbon Tower system®.

- The new generation of stainless self-cleaning stills DUAL ENERGY SYSTEM with optimized thermo-output
- New oversized loading door, extra-large, using the multi-side loading logic.
- Windjet®, the new system for a quicker drying, using an axial, integral diffusion air flow allowing quick, homogeneous, complete drying, also taking care of high fashion and delicate garments.
- Last generation electronic governor of the drum rotation with fault-finding “display autocheck guide” system.
- New generation decolorating filters Carbon Tower systems
- Highest quality materials with stainless steel drum, door, recovery, still, filter, button trap, separator.
- The advanced Global Wash® system to clean the spider and the drum.
- AIR JET®, the new automatic air filter clearing system.
- The efficient ICE CARE® system, the solvent cooling system by means of the refrigerating unit.
- The practical MULTISORB® system, solvent absorption system to eliminate the smell on garments and pollution.
- Transparent, environment-friendly inspection caps for air filter and button traps.
- ECOWASTE® system for quick, automatic removing of the distillation waste with fully self-cleaning system.
- Still condenser made of special, anticorrosive material.

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Planet Regular 45/ 55/ 65

Planet Regular 45/ 55/ 65

Load Capacity 20 - 27 Kgs