Planet Regular 45/ 55/ 65

Planet Regular, designed with extremely high-quality materials and the traditional attention to details that are the hallmarks of the Renzacci name, it is available in two- or three-tank versions.

• New generation of self-cleaning distillers with optimised thermal output in stainless steel: * use of high-quality stainless steels, * innovative double inclined configuration of distiller that allows for greater thermal output, greater ease of cleaning and the greater durability of the distiller.
• The new Rotodrying® system, which thanks to the special, innovative design of the basket, significantly reduces drying times and increases energy savings.
• Electronic regulators of the rotation speed of the latest generation basket: greater ability to extract solvent from garments; reduction in drying time, reduction in load imbalances during the centrifuge cycle (-30%), reduction of energy consumption per cycle (-10% approximately), reduction of machine vibrations, and an increase in its stability.
New Digiplus® computer, with greater operating flexibility that gives you an almost infinite variety of programmes and sub-programmes for the treatment of all kinds of garments:
Operating menu and programming options are simplified and easy to understand; advanced, continuous Autocheck ® system and the revolutionary “Internet communication on line system, with option to update software in real time.
• New Minimicron® filtration systems, characterised by special filtrating fabrics with an increased surface area and superfine weave. Available in traditional powder and environmentally-friendly powderless versions.
• New generation Carbon Tower systems bleaching filters
• Extremely high quality materials with basket, window, air spinner, distiller, filter, pin collection basket, hermetic separator in stainless steel
• Advanced Global Wash® system, which cleans the rays and basket
• Innovative automatic cleaning system of the AIR JET® air filter
• The extremely efficient ICE CARE® system that cools the solvent with a refrigeration system.
• The practical and compact MULTISORB® system, which absorbs solvent, eliminating odours on garments and pollution.
• Inspection covers for air filter and transparent, pollution-fighting pin collectors.
• ECOWASTE® system for the fast and automatic elimination of distillation residues with complete self-cleaning system
• Distillation condenser in special anti-corrosive material 

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Progress Regular 45/ 55/ 65

Progress Regular 45/ 55/ 65

Loading capacity 20 - 27 Kgs